30 March, 2022

All Nations Seminary / Seminario Todas las Naciones

Official Announcement
April 1, 2022
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua – México

Job Description & Qualifications for the Position President,

Seminario Todas Las Naciones

All Nations Seminary

All Nations Seminary is an educational institution located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico serving the Spanish speaking church. We are rooted in the Christian faith and committed to the kingdom of God, the church and society. Our fundamental purpose is the formation of men and women for the service of God to all nations.

We are currently seeking the next president for our institution. The President has overall responsibility for the Seminary, providing leadership and oversight for all aspects of its life, including academics, administration, strategizing, development, enrollment, finances, and other key areas. The president will work with the Board of Trustees to implement the vision and mission of All Nations Seminary.

Roles and Responsibilities

The position of president comes with many opportunities to shape the seminary, its vision, students and staff, and to contribute to the church and the work of God in the world. The president is entrusted with providing theological and ecclesial ministry vision, institutional and administrative leadership in all matters, and developing a cohesive community of faith, learning, formation, and ministry. As culture and context are constantly changing, the president must be an anchor of Christian faith, but also able to be flexible for our times. Thus, the roles and responsibilities provided here are not comprehensive, but examples of what to expect for this position.

Leadership and Administration

  • Shape and communicate a compelling vision for All Nations Seminary (ANS) in collaboration with the Board and translate that into appropriate plans and policies that must be approved by the Board of Trustees. 
  • Organize the Board of Trustees’ meetings and present reports regarding ANS. 
  • Lead all ANS activities, supporting a strong administrative team that effectively stewards ANS’s financial and other resources. 
  • Fundraise for facilities maintenance and expansion, scholarships, and other needs. 
  • Oversee ANS’s various enterprises, including El Paso, and the US based non-profit organization, All Nations Foundation. 
  • Continue to develop and implement student recruitment, enrollment, and growth strategies.
  • Assure that all facilities are well maintained.

Academic and Curricular Oversight 

  • Work closely with academic officers to promote quality education and advancement.
  • Nurture a community of Christian scholars, inspire excellence in teaching, preaching, research and service. 
  • Participate in the professors’ gatherings, led by the Academic dean.
  • Evaluate faculty on a regular basis in cooperation with the dean of the Academic Department and help to improve the quality of academic classes.
  • Serve as a teaching member of the faculty.
  • Recruit and hire outstanding faculty members. 
  • Build a culture that welcomes students into a learning environment led by a distinguished faculty, dedicated administration and staff, and supported by excellent learning resources. 

Ongoing Spiritual Development

  • Give presidential voice internally and externally to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the authority of Scriptures, and the flourishing of Christ’s church through the rapid spread of the Gospel
  • Nurture the students, faculty, staff, and alumni/ae of ANS, as a spiritual leader/mentor, scholar, teacher, colleague, and friend. 
  • Cultivate the rich benefits of diverse people, voices, and gifts within the body of Christ in ANS.
  • Live as a professional and personal model, exemplifying the integration of faith, academic discipline, and spiritual leadership. 
  • Encourage those being called to ministry to respond to that call through education and formation.
  • Lead various programs for the spiritual growth of students in cooperation with other staff or faculty.

Community Engagement for Reputation and Recruitment

  • Develop relationships with the community and provide a clear pathway into the educational world.
  • Maintain and grow connections with local ministers, churches, and organizations and offer continuing education opportunities.
  • Deepen associations with alumni/ae, other churches, foundations, accrediting agencies, and explore new partnerships and alliances in support of ANS and its mission.  
  • Cooperate with ANC Onnuri Church.  

ANC Onnuri Church

  • Serve as a communication channel with ANC Onnuri Church. 
  • Sharing the financial statement with ANC Onnuri Church. 
  • Hosting ANC Onnuri Church to participate in graduation ceremonies and special events.
  • Consulting with ANC Onnuri Church with any major agenda. 

Required Qualifications

  • Spoken and written fluency in Spanish and English
  • Living in or able to move to & live in El Paso – Juarez area

Required Documents and Notification

Required documents*

  1. CV / Resume
  2. Statement of Faith: Please provide a one-page statement that explains the theological foundations that guide your life and work.
  3. Personal Testimony: Please provide a one-page statement that describes your personal Christian journey.
  4. Letters of Recommendation: Personal, Professional, Ministerial (1 each)
  5. Contact information for References

* Please, all documents must be:

  • named in accordance with the content of the document plus the first surname of the applicant for the position
  • submitted in English and in Spanish, separately
  • submitted in PDF format
  • submitted to the following email: recepcion.documentos@todaslasnaciones.com
  • submitted before April 30th, 2022
  • submitted together (one single email for all the documents)
  • Letters of Recommendation can be sent in English or Spanish, they must be sent in by the recommender directly to this email: recepcion.documentos@todaslasnaciones.com


The Search Committee of the Board of Trustees will notify you upon receipt of your application documents and of any decisions regarding your status in the search.

Announcement Link (webpage)

Español: https://todaslasnaciones.com/puesto-rector/

English: https://todaslasnaciones.com/position-president/


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