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20 Years old

León, Guanajuato

Licenciatura en Teología

I am fortunate to have been born in a Christian family, in fact my Father José Manuel Herrera, is a pastor in a Christian church, therefore my conversion may not Being such an interesting story to tell, my conversion was very organic in a context where, let’s say, naturally, of course I don’t believe that salvation is inherited, but I do believe that the influence of my parents was key to, an early age accept Christ.

Recently I was reflecting with a friend and we were joking a little about our conversion process, he went through many difficult experiences until he was broken and recognized God, for my part God did not allow me to go through things like that to accept him at 5 years old or 4, the truth is that I do not remember very well, but it was when I was very young. We asked ourselves with whom God had had more grace, with him, that God had rescued him from an extremely difficult context or with me that he did not allow me to go through that, we finally concluded that whatever it was, God’s grace is the same and equally surprising. Not because my testimony is not impressive, the grace of God ceases to be, I advance safely to my final destination, because no matter how “well” I have lived, the wonderful grace of God changed the inevitable future from eternal death to eternal life . So, when I was 4 or 5 years old, I did not fully understand, (and I confess that I still do not understand and I hope it continues so that it never ceases to amaze me) how someone so fair can love someone so unfair. Without further ado, my mother led me in a prayer of conversion and there in my room before going to sleep I received Christ.

Recently a local church leader asked me about the day of my conversion, I told him the same thing that I am telling you now, I think I am not very satisfied, I think I expected more, he asked me the same thing again but this time he added: When did you understand what you were doing? Maybe I understood grace, the process of salvation, the cost of my salvation, the means of grace, etc., until I was 12 years old, but understanding and believing is very different, it is enough to believe. I bet that if I had died a day after my conversion as a child and misunderstood that it was the same, I would have gone to heaven.

I hope not to disappoint anyone who is reading this, my testimony is far from being, the one you want to hear, the one that is impressive. I would be lying if I said that I always knew I had a calling, but I would also be lying if I said that there was a key moment, that it was the turning point to understand that I had a calling. I believe that my call was not a moment but a process, of small obediences in which the Holy Spirit guided me, to where I am now, and I continue to listen to the call, receptive, because I believe that what we call “call” is not static, It is like dancing with God a jazz that is improvised, but God as the conductor of the orchestra guides us. Although I have received some words from brothers in the church, I have also exercised my spiritual ear, because as a pastor’s son, people tend to give you a lot of pseudo words being carried away by emotions, I guess, because they want to see you just like your father.

But there is a simple word that struck me a lot from a pastor who was a very close friend of my family. This word dispelled many fears, because as I have said before, I did not want to get into a “call” due to social pressure. This is what he told me: “I think you have a special calling from God, which has nothing to do with your family, I think you have a genuine desire to follow God, which does not derive from your family either.” That simple phrase, followed by a simple prayer, gave me clarity, to separate the voices of the people, from the voice of God. I do not want to deceive you, after that word there was not a resounding change in my actions, I did not begin to get more involved, I was already involved, which if it changed was a paradigm, which gave me peace. I know that God wants to use me, I know that I want to be used by God, exactly how, don’t ask me because I don’t know, I’m dancing the jazz that God wants, to the beat that he wants.

I believe, I feel, I know that God does not call the qualified, but He enables the called. I think of a Paul, who believed himself capable, but still had to go through a lot before starting his ministry. I think of myself, that since I was a child I have been trained to be a leader in the church (perhaps without asking me, but I still don’t complain) and even so I feel that I do not know anything, I feel that I am missing so much, that I do not know the least part of God, and it is that above all God does not always act the same, the methods are always different, he never stops learning with God.

When I realized that the ministry was a very chunky “package” in responsibility, capacity, knowledge, I knew that training was necessary. I see it in the same way (and even heavier) in which we see the secular world (although I do not love that word “secular” so much I think everything is spiritual). Well, I want to be an entrepreneur and that is why I got into a business management career two years ago, when I mention this with friends, it seems like a logical process, of course you want to be an entrepreneur, you study business management, but something strange happens when you say you want to serve in the church and that’s why you train, I think they see it exaggerated. For me it is the same, if you want to dedicate yourself to service, you train yourself, because I want to do it well, and you know, I am afraid, of not doing it well, of failing God, when I know that I could train myself. That is why training is important to me, and because Christ did it, 3 years of ministry, 30 years of preparation, the 3 years in which the world changed are just the tip of the iceberg of 30 years of preparing.

Currently I lead the youth group in my church, I serve in worship and sometimes in the role of preaching. But I consider my ministry to be teaching, I am very excited to be able to share with others the knowledge of the word of God, to share a little of God’s heart, I also like leadership, I do it well, although I do not feel that I perform with the same development as in teaching. Nor am I so passionate, but I think it is a problem not of ability but of my heart, I need more patience with people, more affection, a more pastoral character. Anyway, as I mentioned, I like to teach, to everyone, children, adolescents, youth and adults. I have respect for all of them, it seems to me that children are very capable and sometimes they are only given a “filler” class.

I thank God first of all for making me his son, for giving me the opportunity to be his collaborator, and for touching the hearts of each one of you who make my training possible. I believe that God placed a genuine interest in you for Latin America, I have not been the exemplary student of the seminar, but you cannot imagine how I have advanced since I started studying, I feel that I was walking and now I am running in learning. It is clear to me that before opening their pockets, they open their hearts, and dispose of a part of their income, they sacrifice money that they do not need to sacrifice. It is illogical, it makes no physical, worldly sense for them to do so. What do you earn? Nothing.

I am grateful that you do not see it as I see it, but that you see it with spiritual eyes, I promise you, whatever happens, you have planted a seed in me that will last a long time, it is more without fear of being wrong until I die . Their efforts are not in vain, they are not lost. When the next wave of speakers, preachers, evangelists, prophets Re-evangelize Latin America (since it has already been evangelized, but with a distorted Roman Catholic gospel) will Latin Americans, we will no longer wait for missionaries from abroad to come, because there are trained people here. . Thanks to your donations, to your open heart. Will we see Latin America re-evangelized? Yes, it is already happening and you who donate, who are from here, are here in your donations. Money doesn’t speak, but if it did, yours would evangelize. Thank you, with all my heart Thank you very much.


20 세

León, Guanajuato

가상 캠퍼스

신학 학사

제 이름은 Said Andrés Herrera Hurtado입니다. 저는 León Guanajuato시에서 태어났습니다. 저는 운 좋게도 기독교 가정에서 태어났습니다. 사실 제 아버지 José Manuel Herrera는 기독교 교회의 목사입니다. 그렇게 흥미로운 이야기이기 때문에, 저의 개종은 당연히 구원이 유전되었다고 믿지 않는 상황에서 매우 유기적이었습니다.하지만 저는 부모님의 영향이 핵심이라고 믿습니다. 어린 나이에 그리스도를 받아들입니다.

최근에 친구와 함께 회심을하면서 회심 과정에 대해 농담을하고 있었는데, 그는 망가 져서 하나님을 인정할 때까지 많은 어려운 경험을 겪었습니다. 제 부분은 하나님 께서 5 살 때 그를 받아들이 기 위해 그런 일을하는 것을 허락하지 않으 셨기 때문입니다. 또는 4, 사실은 잘 기억이 나지 않지만 아주 어렸을 때였습니다. 우리는 하나님이 누구와 함께 더 많은 은혜를 받았는지, 하나님 께서 극도로 어려운 상황에서 그를 구해 주 셨는지, 아니면 그가 그것을 통과하도록 허락하지 않았는지 물어 보았습니다. 마침내 우리는 그것이 무엇이든간에 하나님의 은혜는 동일하고 동등하다는 결론을 내 렸습니다. 놀라운. 내 간증이 인상적이지 않아서가 아니라 하나님의 은혜가 그치지 않고 안전하게 최종 목적지로 나아갑니다. 내가 아무리“잘”살았더라도 하나님의 놀라운 은혜가 불가피한 미래를 영원한 죽음에서 영생으로 바꾸었기 때문입니다. . 그래서 내가 4 ~ 5 살이었을 때, 나는 어떻게 그렇게 공정한 사람이 그렇게 불공평 한 사람을 사랑할 수 있는지 완전히 이해하지 못했습니다 (그리고 나는 여전히 이해하지 못한다고 고백하고 그것이 나를 놀라게하는 것을 멈추지 않기를 바랍니다). 더 이상 고민하지 않고 어머니 께서 저를 회심의기도로 인도 하셨고 잠들기 전에 제 방에서 그리스도를 영접했습니다.

최근에 한 지역 교회 지도자가 저에게 회심의 날에 대해 물었습니다. 저는 그에게 지금 제가 말하는 것과 똑같은 말을했습니다. 저는 그다지 만족스럽지 않은 것 같습니다. 더 많은 것을 기대 한 것 같습니다. 그는 저에게 같은 것을 다시 요청했지만 이번에는 다음과 같이 덧붙였습니다. 당신이하는 일을 언제 이해 했습니까? 내가 12 살이 될 때까지 은혜, 구원의 과정, 구원의 대가, 은혜의 수단 등을 이해했을지도 모르지만 이해와 믿음은 매우 다르므로 믿기 만하면됩니다. 내가 어렸을 때 개종 한 지 하루 만에 죽었고 그것이 똑같다고 오해했다면 천국에 갔을 것입니다.

나는 이것을 읽는 사람을 실망시키지 않기를 바랍니다. 나의 간증은 당신이 듣고 싶은 사람, 인상적인 사람과는 거리가 멀습니다. 내가 부름이 있다는 것을 항상 안다고 말하면 거짓말을했을 것이고, 중요한 순간이 있었다고 말하면 거짓말을했을 것입니다. 이것이 제가 부름을 받았다는 것을 이해하는 전환점이었습니다. 나는 나의 부름이 순간이 아니라 작은 순종의 과정이라고 믿습니다. 성령 께서 저를 지금있는 곳으로 인도하신 작은 순종의 과정입니다. 저는 우리가 “부름”이라고 부르는 것이 정적 인 것이 아니라고 믿기 때문에 계속해서 부름을 받아들입니다. 즉흥적으로 재즈를 신과 춤추는 것과 같지만 오케스트라의 지휘자 인 신이 우리를 인도합니다. 교회 형제들에게 말을 좀 받았지만, 목사 아들로서 사람들이 감정에 사로 잡힌 가짜 말을 많이하는 경향이 있기 때문에 영적인 귀를 기울였습니다. 아버지처럼 당신을보고 싶어하기 때문인 것 같습니다.

그러나 우리 가족의 아주 친한 친구였던 목사님으로부터 저에게 많은 감동을 준 간단한 단어가 있습니다. 이 단어는 많은 두려움을 떨쳐 버렸습니다. 이전에 말씀 드렸듯이 저는 사회적 압력 때문에 “전화”를 받고 싶지 않았기 때문입니다. 그는 이렇게 말했습니다. “나는 당신이 하나님의 특별한 소명을 가지고 있다고 생각하는데, 당신의 가족과는 아무 상관이 없습니다. 저는 당신이 하나님을 따르고 자하는 진정한 소망을 가지고 있다고 생각합니다. 이것은 당신의 가족에서도 파생되지 않습니다.” 그 간단한 구절에 이어 간단한기도로 사람들의 음성과 하나님의 음성을 구분할 수있는 명확성을주었습니다. 나는 당신을 속이고 싶지 않습니다. 그 단어 이후에 내 행동에 큰 변화가 없었습니다. 나는 더 많이 참여하기 시작하지 않았고 이미 참여했습니다. 변경되면 패러다임이었고 평화를주었습니다. 저는 신이 저를 사용하고 싶어한다는 것을 압니다. 제가 신에게 사용되기를 원한다는 것을 압니다. 정확히 어떻게 저에게 묻지 마십시오. 저는 신이 원하는 재즈를 그가 원하는 비트에 맞춰 춤을 추고 있습니다.

나는 하나님이 자격을 갖춘자를 부르시는 것이 아니라 부르심을받은자를 가능하게 하신다는 것을 믿습니다. 나는 자신이 능력이 있다고 믿었지만 사역을 시작하기 전에 많은 것을 겪어야하는 바울을 생각한다. 어렸을 때부터 교회 지도자 훈련을 받았는데 (아마도 묻지 않았는데도 불평은 안 해요) 아무 것도 모르는 것 같고, 부족한 것, 최소한의 부분도 모르는 것 같아요. 하나님, 그리고 무엇보다도 하나님은 항상 똑같이 행동하지 않고 방법이 항상 다르며 결코 하나님과 함께 배우는 것을 멈추지 않습니다.

사역이 책임, 능력, 지식면에서 매우 뭉툭한“패키지”라는 것을 깨달았을 때


20 años

León, Guanajuato

Licenciatura en Teología

Mi nombre es Said Andrés Herrera Hurtado, soy nacido en la ciudad de León Guanajuato, y tengo la fortuna de haber nacido en una familia cristiana, de hecho mi Padre José Manuel Herrera, es pastor en una iglesia cristiana, por ello mi conversión puede no ser una historia tan interesante de contar, mi conversión fue muy orgánica en un contexto donde se propició digamos, de forma natural, por supuesto que no creo que la salvación se herede, pero si creo que la influencia de mis padres fue clave para, a una edad temprana aceptar a Cristo.

Hace poco reflexionaba con un amigo y bromeábamos un poco a cerca de nuestro proceso de conversión, él pasó por muchas experiencias difíciles hasta ser quebrantado y reconocer a Dios, por mi parte Dios no permitió que yo pasara por cosas así para aceptarlo a los 5 años o 4, la verdad es que no me acuerdo muy bien, pero fue cuando era muy niño. Nos planteábamos con quien había tenido mas gracia Dios, con él, que Dios lo había rescatado de un contexto sumamente difícil o conmigo que no me permitió pasar por eso, finalmente concluimos que sea como haya sido, la gracia de Dios es la misma e igualmente sorprendente. No porque mi testimonio no sea impresionante la gracia de Dios deja de serlo, avanzo seguro a mi destino final, pues no importa lo “bien” que haya vivido, la maravillosa gracia de Dios cambio el inevitable futuro de una muerte eterna a la vida eterna. Así que, cuando tenia 4 o 5 años, no comprendí en su totalidad, (y confieso que todavía no comprendo y espero así siga para que nunca deje de asombrarme) como alguien tan justo puede amar a alguien tan injusto. Sin más, mi mama me guio en una oración de conversión y ahí en mi cuarto antes de ir a dormir fue que recibí a Cristo.

Recientemente un líder de la iglesia local, me pregunto sobre el día de mi conversión, yo le conté lo mismo que les cuento ahora, creo que no quedo muy satisfecho, creo que esperaba más, me volvió a preguntar lo mismo pero esta vez añadió ¿Cuándo comprendiste lo que estabas haciendo? Tal vez comprendí la gracia, el proceso de salvación, el coste de mi salvación, los medios de gracia, etcétera, hasta los 12 años, pero comprender y creer es muy diferente, basta creer. Apuesto que si me hubiera muerto un día después de mi conversión por muy niño e incomprendido que fuera igual me hubiera ido al cielo.

Espero no decepcionar a nadie que este leyendo esto, mi testimonio dista mucho de ser, ese que quieres escuchar, ese que es impresionante. Mentiría si dijera que siempre supe que tenia un llamado, pero también lo haría si dijera que hubo un momento clave, que fue el parteaguas para entender que tenia un llamado. Creo que mi llamado no fue un momento sino un proceso, de pequeñas obediencias en las que el Espíritu Santo me guio, hasta donde estoy ahora, y sigo escuchando el llamado, receptivo, porque creo que esto que llamamos “llamado” no es estático, es como bailar con Dios un Jazz que se va improvisando, pero Dios como director de la orquesta nos guía. Si bien he recibido algunas palabras de hermanos de la iglesia, también he ejercitado el oído espiritual, porque como hijo de pastor, la gente tiende a darte muchas pseudopalabras dejándose llevar por las emociones, supongo, porque te quieren ver igual que tu padre.

Pero hay una palabra sencilla que me impacto mucho por parte de un pastor amigo muy cercano de mi familia. Esta palabra disipo muchos temores, porque como lo he dicho antes, no quería meterme en un “llamado” por presión social. Esto fue lo que el me dijo: “Creo que tienes un llamado especial de parte de Dios, que no tiene nada que ver con tu familia, creo que tu tienes un deseo genuino de seguir a Dios, que tampoco deriva de tu familia”. Esa frase sencilla, seguida de una oración sencilla, me dio claridad, para separar las voces de la gente, de la voz de Dios. No los quiero engañar, después de esa palabra no hubo un cambio rotundo en mis acciones, no empecé a involucrarme más, ya estaba involucrado, lo que si cambio fue un paradigma, que me dio paz. Se que Dios me quiere usar, se que quiero ser usado por Dios, exactamente cómo, no me lo pregunten porque no lo sé, voy bailando el jazz que Dios quiera, al compás que el quiera.

Creo, siento, se, que Dios no llama a los capacitados, sino que capacita a los llamados. Pienso en un Pablo, que se creía capacitado, pero aun así tuvo que pasar por mucho antes de comenzar su ministerio. Pienso en mí, que desde niño me han entrenado para ser líder en la iglesia (tal vez sin preguntarme, pero igual no me quejo) y aun así siento que no se nada, siento que me falta tanto, que no conozco la mínima parte de Dios, y es que sobre todo Dios no actúa siempre igual, los métodos siempre son distintos, nunca se para de aprender con Dios.

Cuando me di cuenta de que el ministerio era un “paquetote” muy choncho en responsabilidad, capacidad, conocimiento, supe que era necesaria la capacitación. Lo veo de la misma forma (y aún más pesado) en que vemos el mundo secular (aunque no me encanta tanto esa palabra “secular” creo que todo es espiritual). Pues quiero ser empresario y por ello me metí hace dos años a la carrera de gestión empresarial, cuando menciono esto con amigos, les parece un proceso lógico, claro quieres ser emprendedor estudias gestión empresarial, pero algo raro sucede cuando dices que quieres servir en la iglesia y por eso te capacitas, creo que lo ven exagerado. Para mi es igual, si quieres dedicarte al servicio te capacitas, porque quiero hacerlo bien, y saben, tengo miedo, de no hacerlo bien, de fallarle a Dios, cuando se que me pude capacitar. Por ello la capacitación es importante para mí, y porque Cristo lo hizo, 3 años de ministerio, por 30 años de preparación, los 3 años en los que cambio el mundo son solo la punta del iceberg de 30 años de estar preparándose.

Actualmente dirijo el grupo de jóvenes en mi iglesia, sirvo en la alabanza y en ocasiones en el rol de la predicación. Pero considero que mi ministerio es la enseñanza, me da mucha ilusión poder compartir con otros el conocimiento de la palabra de Dios, compartir un poco del corazón de Dios, también me gusta el liderazgo, lo hago bien, aunque no siento que me desempeño con el mismo desenvolvimiento que en la enseñanza. Ni me apasiona tanto, pero creo que es un problema no de capacidad sino de mi corazón, necesito más paciencia para con la gente, más cariño, un carácter más pastoral. En fin, como mencionaba, me gusta enseñar, a todos, niños, adolescentes, jóvenes y adultos. A todos les tengo respeto, me parece que los niños son muy capaces y a veces solo se les da una clase de “relleno”.

Agradezco, a Dios primeramente por hacerme su hijo, por darme la oportunidad de ser su colaborador, y por tocar el corazón de cada uno de ustedes que hacen posible mi capacitación. Creo que Dios puso un interés genuino en ustedes por Latinoamérica, no he sido el alumno ejemplar del seminario, pero no se imaginan como he avanzado desde que entre a estudiar, siento que caminaba y ahora estoy corriendo en aprendizaje. Me queda claro que antes de abrir sus bolsillos, abren su corazón, y disponen una parte de sus ingresos, sacrifican dinero que no necesitan sacrificar. Es ilógico, no tiene sentido físico, mundano, que lo hagan. ¿Qué ganan ustedes? Nada.

Agradezco que ustedes no lo vean como yo lo veo, sino que lo ven con ojos espirituales, yo les prometo, que pase lo que pase, han plantado una semilla en mi que perdurara mucho tiempo, es más sin temor a equivocarme hasta que me muera. Sus esfuerzos no son en valde, no se depositan en saco roto. Cuando la siguiente ola de oradores, predicadores, evangelistas, profetas Re evangelice a Latinoamérica (pues ya ha sido evangelizada, pero con un evangelio católico romano tergiversado) lo harán latinoamericanos, ya no esperaremos a que vengan misioneros del extranjero, porque aquí hay gente capacitada. Gracias a sus donativos, a su corazón abierto. ¿Nos tocara ver a Latinoamérica re evangelizada? Si, ya esta pasando y ustedes que donan, que nos son de aquí, están aquí en sus donativos. El dinero no habla, pero si lo hiciera, el suyo evangelizaría. Gracias, De todo corazón Muchas muchísimas gracias.

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